New news way of working

Maria Veronese Glasses

It’s been intense. It’s been sad at times and it’s been rewarding. Working for BBC news full-time throughout the pandemic can be a surreal experience. The way we interview, shoot and edit news stories has changed. As you can see we do everything at least 2 metres apart and we frequently use sanitiser and […]

Mediapro embraces positive news stories

No toilet rolls

We’ve been focusing on the positive side of the global response to Covid-19 – the community support, the volunteers and of course the NHS. From the start of the outbreak, TV reporter and Mediapro Media Trainer Maria Veronese has been putting together regular BBC news updates… and to boost local spirits she’s also taken part […]

Mediapro turns focus on the news

Focus on the news

Mediapro’s journalists have postponed all face to face training to work in their respective newsrooms. Keeping the public informed and up to date is obviously important… during a crisis such as this. Though it can seem very strange going to work when everyone is in lockdown as Maria Veronese reports:

Strange time to celebrate

We are all in it together – all be it 2 metres apart! It’s hard to believe, Mediapro’s been in business media training for 16 years. We raise a glass behind locked doors, not to us, but to the NHS doing a remarkable job on the front line. In the meantime, our […]

Volunteers needed in time of crisis

Maria Veronese presenting BBC

We’re helping get public messages across and keep spirits up amid the Corona virus lock down. If you are well and can help watch Maria Veronese demonstrate how…  

Journalists working the frontline for television and radio

Journalist Interview long microphone

Our journalists are working long hours on the front line for BBC TV and radio. Extended microphones, Skype, FaceTime… anything and everything is being used by our reporters to keep our communities safe, informed and reassured. As all of our trainers are current news journalists, all of our effective communication skills training courses and Mediapro’s […]

Your media strategy for the year ahead

Media waiting for that big story

Do you have an effective Media Strategy in place when the press come calling……. Are you concerned how you would react should something go wrong? Do you do really good work but don’t know how to let people know about it? Nervous about dealing with or approaching reporters/media outlets? Not sure how to put together […]