Why do Media Training?

There are so many changes happening within the media today – it’s not easy to keep up. Basic interviewee requirements remain the same but it is helpful to know how reporters are adapting their news gathering skills as technology evolves. Being aware (but not paranoid) of the pitfalls and practicing interviews in a confidential environment is a great way to hone your skills.
No matter what your experience the recording of practical scenarios and watching and listening to them back is the best way to learn and build confidence. Even better if you can learn from journalists whose everyday job is reporting. It’s a sentiment shared by the CEO of East Anglian Air Ambulance. This is what he wrote at the end of a Mediapro training day that he completed along side his team:
‘Just being in front of camera/microphone and practicing and getting feedback is incredibly useful. Being more conscious of what works/what doesn’t in different media is so helpful. Great day. Learned a lot! Thank you.’
Matthew Jones
East Anglian Air Ambulance