Presentation Training

Good communication skills are an asset. Great communication skills are invaluable. Whatever the presentation, it’s helpful to practice and get honest professional feed back.

Our trainers have spent decades presenting for radio, TV and to live audiences in person or online. They will listen to what you want to achieve and help you achieve it. That’s exactly what our Presentation Training delivers.

We will adapt the training to your needs. The following may help you decide what you want to improve on:

  • Confidence building.
  • The secret to preparing and delivering dynamic presentations.
  • Creative ways to capture attention and keep it.
  • The use of key messages.
  • Breathing techniques and stance.
  • Effective PowerPoint use (and when not to use it).
  • How to make best use of the presentation area available.
  • Microphone do’s and don’ts.
  • Presenting to camera and/or online audiences.
  • Presenting in pairs.

We know how nerve-racking presenting can be. Learning how to be an impressive presenter, and regular practice, will help you overcome your fears.

We recommend the sessions include the filming and playing back of presentations to enhance feedback.
Ensure you look and sound professional in front of an audience of any size. Learn how to make memorable presentations with our trainers in a friendly confidential environment.