Shoot & Edit Training

Want to learn the tricks of our trade and make your online pieces look slick and professional?

Learn how to shoot, edit, write scripts and present for radio, TV or online to broadcast quality standards. Our experienced broadcasters work in news. We’ll design this course to your needs, be it for live or pre-recorded output and can cover all or some of the following:

  • How to determine what is and what isn’t a strong audio or picture led story and where it should go… social media, local, national or international media outlets…
  • Tripod use, lighting, microphone positions, the importance of quality sound, picture angles and how to make the most of every shot.
  • Filming techniques – creative story telling methods, appropriate tone, pace and length. Structuring stories before, during and after filming. How to avoid over shooting, wasting time and making editing difficult.
  • Interview techniques – how interviewees and the camera should be positioned and shots framed. Open-ended questions; the art of getting great clips and sound bites.
  • Scripting – how to write to pictures and let the pictures tell the story. When to allow pictures to ‘breathe’ and how to propel stories forward using powerful clips and actuality.
  • Editing – the use of cut-aways, general views, walking shots, close ups and pans. Choosing the best shots and where to put them. Top tips to make editing simple, look polished and professional. Master the basics with our journalist trainers who shoot and edit up to the wire on a daily basis for local and national BBC news and sport.
  • The art of positive promotion using genuine news stories (without falling into the trap of looking and sounding like an advertisement).
  • When and how to loosely cut rushes and write effective shot lists for all media outlets.
  • Want to approach the media? Learn how with our top tips.


More of the same for those who want to hone existing broadcast skills. We’re here to help so let us know what you want to practice and improve on. Bring your own kit or use ours, we have everything you need, including a state of the art satellite truck with delicious cappuccino maker!