No matter what your experience, dealing with news reporters can be a daunting prospect. This course is for anyone who may encounter the media during the course of their work.

We’ll give you lots of practical confidence building tips and first hand accounts of each reporter’s differing needs in today’s rapidly evolving print and broadcast industries.

Learn how to deal with challenging issues and the art of positive promotion in a supportive confidential environment. The training will also cover the following points:

  • How news reporters gather, process and share information.
  • How to confidently speak to reporters and look and sound natural on air.
  • Conveying key facts and messages.
  • Speaking on and off the record.
  • Creative soundbites and visual opportunities.
  • How to avoid being misquoted.
  • Your worst fears and how to conker them.
  • Dealing with challenging questions and how to handle criticism.
  • How to attract positive media attention.
  • Why and how to build a lasting rapport with reporters.

A strong emphasis will be put on the recording of topical and challenging press (telephone interviews), radio and television scenarios and role-play including feedback. If relevant, the training will also include ‘down the line’ television interviews; a common form of interview that can be difficult to master.

All of the information discussed and used during Mediapro training is considered strictly confidential. With Mediapro you have the freedom to discuss sensitive issues without the falsehood of editorial role-playing. We believe realistic scenarios, in a secure environment, are the best way for you to prepare for the media impact of forthcoming events.