Kicking off 2023

We’re starting the year with a flurry of positive media training feedback from one of our most recent coaching sessions at Cornwall Insight.

“Jumping right in to try out different scenarios meant we could try differing media interviews, discuss how we felt and what we found difficult. It kept the discussions engaging. I also enjoyed getting some information and insight into the media industry. I now feel much more prepared for different types of media.”
Harriet Walker
“The radio and TV scenarios were most useful because it got me used to all of the equipment eg: looking at the camera. The training has helped me feel more confident.”
Emily Lewis

Senior Consulting Analyst

Others on Mediapro’s specially tailored Crisis Management and the Media Master Class said:

“The whole session was useful and provided great experience.”

“It’s filled lots of gaps in my knowledge of media interviews.”

“Practice and group evaluation really helps build confidence.”
“It has helped develop my confidence and I feel much more prepared to deal with the media in future.”

“I enjoyed the wide range of interview practice and the time spent on feedback and discussion.”

“Practical training that allowed us to practice what we were hearing and improve.”
“Real life examples and running through the scenarios with uncomfortable and testing questions has helped. All good stuff!”