Do you really need media training?

Well perhaps the question is – do you need to prepare for anything in business? Even when most of us are adept at the fundamentals of speech, dealing with the media can be different, daunting and difficult.

The way we communicate in everyday life doesn’t automatically translate when doing two-minute live interviews. Ensuring key messages are taken on board by reporters selecting tightly edited quotes can seem unnatural, adding pressure to what may already feel like an alien situation. Add to that the pressure of representing your business, organisation or charity, knowing your employers, board, share holders, stake holders, customers, clients or competitors may be reading/listening… If something has gone wrong – that lens or microphone opposite – will be particularly intimidating.

And be honest, is there a risk you will finish kicking yourself because you forgot to include crucial points? Be disappointed with how you sounded and looked?

Print, radio, TV, online and social media are all rapidly evolving and so too is how we consume news. Today’s leaders and communicators are expected to be professional and in control. All the more reason you give yourself and your colleagues a fighting chance to be your best when getting your crucial messages across. Practicing and critiquing yourself in a safe, confidential environment with current journalists, really is one of the best ways to prepare.