Carbon Capture and Storage media training triumph

One of this month’s highlights for Mediapro’s team has been working with top international scientists and specialists tasked with tackling global warming. The latest cutting edge development of carbon capture and storage, lead by some of the world’s most talented trail blazers, came to Mediapro for TV interview practice and media coaching. They wanted to build their confidence and learn how to get their key messages across… to raise awareness and garner support for their ambitious mission.
We are bound by confidentially so can’t disclose specifics…but it was unanimously agreed the session was effective and enjoyable. All the better for being based in England’s stunning New Forest, where several wild ponies were spotted freely roaming as we worked. Here’s a sample of the feedback received post training:

“Fab instructors. Very experienced & energetic.”
Leah, Development Planner

“It is incredibly helpful to have experienced trainers with real life experience provide valuable lessons learnt and tips.”
Michael, UK Low Carbon Storage Executive
“I better understand how interviews work and the things to watch out for. How to ‘own it’ – it’s my interview!”
Tom, Green House Gas Site Lead and Low Carbon Project Developer
“Good to be taken out of comfort zone! Great upfront guidance from Kevin/Maria.”
Rob, Technical Management
“Good recommendations about taking control of the interview and answering questions with key messages.
Olan, Global Projects
“Having current reporters take the course, with real first hand experience, makes the training more meaningful. Really interesting to hear what a journalist view is.”
Anjai, Business Advisor
“Great tips and highlighted the importance of having your key messages ready.
Stuart, Low Carbon Solutions Lead
Useful getting in front of camera, sharing real life experience. Excellent experienced instructors.”
Bert, USA Technical
“The training has put me at ease for next time we need to do media interviews.
Yvonne, Technical Management
“The practical interviews gave me confidence and I came across better than I expected.”
Clare, Senior Geoscientist Advisor
“I don’t get to practice this often. Thanks to you both.”
Ralf, Venture Manager