19 years and still going strong!

It really doesn’t seem like 19 years ago that we won our first major contract just as we officially opened our doors. Since then Mediapro has been coaching business and organisation leaders around the world. We can honestly say we have never had a complaint of any kind from a client… all of our participant feedback reviews have been glowing.
Mediapro’s Manager Justin Cohu says: “The experience of our trainers shines through when coaching. Delegates instantly warm to them. Our mantra ‘we’re only as good as our last job’ ensures we take nothing for granted. We put in the hard yards to make everything we do bespoke and focused on what our clients’ really need. Quality in. Quality out. It produces fantastic results every time.”
Even Mediapro Media Training’s mascot Tiki is getting into the birthday spirit! Here’s to entering our 20th year helping more people build their confidence when preparing for newspaper, online, radio and TV interviews. In fact most things media training related, we can help so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Cheers!
Tiki Party Dog