We’re breeding rabbits

Have you ever wondered why some people are quoted as ‘experts’? Becoming an industry expert who’s regularly called upon by reporters for comment, takes trust and understanding on both sides.

Reporters have regular contacts, sometimes referred to in newsrooms as people who are ‘media bunnies’ or ‘media savvy’, which are relied on for accurate information and quotes in plain English. To become one, it’s important that you know what reporters need to make press, radio and television stories work, particularly if they are working to tight deadlines.

Many of our clients have built a positive rapport with reporters. As a result, they’re often in the media spotlight. It’s free and credible coverage for them and reliable punchy soundbites for the reporters.

Here’s an email from one of our recent Media Master Class delegates:
“I came on the very useful Mediapro course on the Friday 23rd, and thought you’d like to know that just 1 week later I was called by the producer of Women’s Hour .. It worked, and so I’ll be on women’s hour on Friday!”