Vote of confidence

Our reporters are working all hours in the run up to the election. That, with our regular training sessions, is keeping us extremely busy. Our goal? To ensure the heavy workload doesn’t impact on quality. From comments received so far this month – we’re achieving it!

“What was useful? Simply the experience – Doing It! I could feel my confidence increase with each new exercise. Excellent stuff – no fears now in front or behind the camera!”
Andy Coglan
Reporter New Scientist Magazine

“Hands-on training. Tips on body language. Filming techniques. All very practical. Excellent! Great fun thank you.”
Elaine Mills
Deputy Editor Europe ICIS News

“Useful hints re: pieces to camera. Relaxing and confidence building techniques of trainers were great – felt much more confident at the end of the workshop!”
Stephanie Wilson
Market Editor
ICIS Pricing

“The trainers were very helpful, positive and supportive. We were quite nervous at the start of the day but ended up relaxing and enjoying it thoroughly.”
Lisa Pilkington
Midlands Editor
Estates Gazette

“The exercises, getting practice in front of camera, made me more relaxed and confident the more I did it. The feedback was most eye-opening.”
Amandeep Parmar
Markets Reporter ICIS Pricing

“I lacked confidence after stumbling through previous pieces to camera. This course was most useful.”
James Buckley
Senior Reporter
Estates Gazette

“The practice and feedback plus tips and tricks of the trade were fabulous.”

“Good practice and a way to think of filming and presenting outside of the traditional ICIS model.”
Mark Victory
Markets Reporter ICIS Pricing

“A thoroughly enjoyable course – I was uneasy about it before coming, but the course leaders put me at ease and made the presenting fun. All aspects of the course were useful.”
James Andrews
News Reporter Farmers Weekly

“It really helped build confidence with public speaking.”
Truong Mellor
Markets Editor ICIS Pricing

“It was useful having practical time in front of camera as well as getting practical advice and feedback.”
Dr Nadia Elghamy
Deputy Focus Editor
Estates Gazette

“It helped just getting out there and doing it. Practice is the best way of learning.”
Samantha McClary
News Editor
Estates Gazette

“Very good and enjoyable session which I can use in my day to day work. Thank you!”
Louisa Peacock
Personnel Today