The credit crunch and the media

We’ve had a number of enquiries recently from businesses affected by the ‘credit crunch’. Some are concerned about negative publicity surrounding job cuts, lack of funds etc… Others are finding their goods and services are in more demand than ever and want people to know about it.

Another example is an employment solicitor who needs training because she’s regularly being called by reporters who want her to comment on the increasing unemployment figures, trends and surveys.

If you find you’re asked to do a press, radio or TV interview bear these tips in mind to ensure you look and sound professional ….and help you enjoy the experience:

  • Find out why the reporter is calling
  • Prepare what you want to say (have one or two key messages and stick to them)
  • Always acknowledge public needs and concerns

And remember to:

  • K Keep in control
  • I Incorporate key messages
  • N Never be drawn on speculation
  • G Graceful Exit – make it so!