Presentation skills training by popular demand

Watch this space, our new website is about to launch! As well as developing the new website we’ve also been working on our Presentation Skills training courses. Existing clients asked us to draw up a guide that we could adapt to their particular needs. This is what we’ve focused on and the sessions are proving to be hugely popular:

Confidence building
The secret to preparing and delivering dynamic presentations
Creative ways to capture attention and keep it
The use of key messages
Breathing techniques and stance
Effective PowerPoint use (and when not to use it)
How to make best use of the presentation area available
Microphone do’s and don’ts
Presenting to camera and/or online audiences
Presenting in pairs
We know how nerve-racking presenting can be. Learning how to be an impressive presenter along with regular practice will help you overcome your fears. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call on 01603 879969.