More fabulous feedback

“Everything was useful and really engaging and well organised. I was panicking about it all through the day but with your presentation/tips I definitely became 100% more confident should I ever need to give an interview. Thank you very much!”
Fennie Gibbs

“It was brilliant to gather tips and views on what does and doesn’t work! The way the course was delivered by the presenters was great as it put you at ease.”
Stephanie Tuvey

Very impressed and was better than expected.”
Nicholas Rennie

“I could see that I improved as the day went on following some advice, which made me more confident. It was all good.”
Edward Fraser

“Insightful and up to date advice from experienced professionals.”
Andy Magem

It was all really useful and positive.
Chris McDonald

Very friendly, informative and well presented training session.”
Sonia Miller

“It has given me more confidence to speak to the press rather than fear them! Many thanks – really useful training!”
Ann Stephens