Storms, RTC’s and frostbite….

Reporting out on the road at this time of the year can be cold work. No surprise then that our trainers enjoy media training with hot coffee indoors… no matter how far they have to travel.
This month we’re refreshing our Media Master Classes and updating them to include the very latest digital technology. Enthusiasm and cutting edge media and interview training equipment. It’s all going on!

Been called by a journalist? Here’s Mediapro’s quick reference top tips…

When journalists call for an interview, chances are they want to do it now. With hourly or daily deadlines it’s simply the way the news media works. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your message across and be noticed. It may feel rushed but if you use some basic rules you will make the interview your own and get your key messages across.
  • Have one or two clear messages and stick to them. Remember your quote or soundbite is the gold amongst the rubble of complicated accounts of events. Keep clear from using long lists and unnecessary facts and figures. Stay on message. Be punchy and interesting.
  • Don’t assume prior knowledge. Avoid technical terms and industry jargon when you are speaking to main stream news outlets.
  • Prepare solid facts in advance and cite real events or examples. Do not make unverifiable claims. Avoid saying ‘no comment’ or putting down your competitors. Everyone loves a brief relevant anecdote….remember the gold amongst the rubble.

If you’re likely to do more newspaper, on-line, radio or television interviews, some good quality practical training will help hone your skills. For now though, with a journalist waiting for you to call back, stick to our top tips and enjoy your interview! For more help and advice feel free to contact us here