Your 2018 Crisis Management Strategy

If media interviews make you feel anxious at the best of times just think how much worse it will be at a time of crisis. When something goes wrong there’s little time for reflection, checking facts and planning your response. If you refuse to speak, the media won’t go away, the story will simply be told without you. You could risk your hard earned reputation, be a conduit for misinformation and damage your companies reputation.

Mediapro’s bespoke Crisis Management and the Media Master Classes are designed to prepare you for the unexpected. Practical realistic scenarios developed to your needs are the best way to prepare for challenges you could face.

Our current news journalists will teach you how to prepare key points, bridging techniques and answer questions without stalling. Role-play with the option of having a crisis build throughout the day will equip you and your colleagues with the necessary skills to deal with phone calls from the media and the public, put together holding statements, manage a press conference and feel confident doing newspaper and live or pre-recorded radio and television interviews. Even the dreaded door-step and live down-the-line interviews are thoroughly covered. In fact, our scenarios are so realistic, many of our clients use them to test their overall crisis plan.

Learn how to remain in control and demonstrate concern and compassion effectively, no matter what the situation, either contact us here or email us directly at: [email protected]