More media training in central London

Does speaking the media fill you with dread? Worried you’ll say something you shouldn’t, be put on the spot or clam up…? Ever wonder how your competitors effortlessly attract great media coverage for free? Could you benefit from credible press, radio and TV exposure too?

Learn how to deal with the media, no matter what the situation and promote your business in a more positive light. One of Mediapro Media Training’s experienced news journalists will teach you the do’s and don’ts when speaking to the media. Learn how to be confident and get your message across – without sounding like a politician!

This 3 hour taster session will introduce you to the benefits of getting your name and brand out there and how to avoid being misquoted. Deal with tricky questions in a confidential secure environment… and set yourself on track to becoming a well known industry expert.

The Workshop covers:

  • What makes a news story.
  • The news gathering evolution. How it affects us all.
  • How today’s press, Internet, radio and TV newsrooms work.
  • Handling a crisis (brief overview).
  • Conveying key messages.
  • Turning negatives into positives.
  • Press and radio interviews
  • How to avoid being misquoted.
  • The importance of establishing an ongoing rapport with news reporters.
Due to popular demand these central London media workshops are extending into the autumn. The sessions, in association with the Immigration Industry Association, are available on a strict first come first served basis. To find out more and to book your place email Mediapro on [email protected].