Live and pre-recorded broadcasts all summer long

It’s been a momentous summer for Mediapro’s Kevin Saddington. His sat truck has just done its first outside broadcasts live from London’s Emirates Stadium. Our Kev never does anything by halves, within hours of his truck’s first day he’d fed a number of reports and live 2-ways into leading national and international news programmes. “It’s great doing everything on the road, news and feature length shoot-edits, OB’s, cappuccinos and ice-cream,” Kevin says. Mediapro’s reporters couldn’t agree more. The team loves his hi-tech sat truck with, importantly, its top of the range coffee machine and fridge/freezer!


Speaking of team highlights this summer, reporter Maria Veronese has had the pleasure of meeting one of the world’s most inspiring top models, 85 year old Daphne Selfe….