Leading the way in business and a new team member

Congratulations to Journalist and Mediapro Trainer Maria Veronese for being elected to serve as a Director on the East of England Co-Operative Board. Maria faced stiff competition for the job with a number of experienced business leaders vying for the post.

The East of England Co-Op has more than 200 stores, an impressive property portfolio and businesses which range from travel, pharmacy, opticians to funeral services. It’s a successful independent society created by local people. It strives to do business ethically and help local communities thrive.

“I am delighted to be a Director of a society that’s not obsessed with profit. Instead the welfare of people and communities genuinely come first. I’m really looking forward to getting involved with Co-op initiatives, like helping people with dementia, a cause close to my heart. I’m proud of the Co-Op’s ethos and principals. I hope to help us continue to lead by example, wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if more businesses were like the Co-Op?”

Media training bookings are now underway for this autumn. If you would like to secure a date for one or more of our bespoke courses please email [email protected] or call the office direct on 01603 879969.

Finally meet Mediapro’s new team member. Tiki is proving to be very efficient at attempting to chew office computer cables and taking all of our attention, all of the time. Well, when you are that cute you get away with it…