How NOT to do a media interview

Prince Andrew’s recent interview with BBC Newsnight reigns as a masterclass on how not to do a media interview.
Obviously ‘car crash’ and ‘toe curling’ are not words you want people to use when describing your media encounter.
The trick is to remind yourself that an interview is simply a conversation with a purpose.
If the topic is contentious, interviews serve to put forward your side of the story. But if victims are involved, it is crucial you are EMPATHETIC first and foremost.
Anticipate the tough questions and prepare your key messages. Be punchy, passionate and sincere. Learn the bridging technique to stay on message and maintain control of the interview.
PRACTICE! Before facing any microphone or cameras ask professionals you trust to give you honest feedback about what you are saying and how you come across. As the saying goes Practice Prevents P*ss Poor Performance. Anyone for pizza?