How to write a Dynamic Press Release Workshop

On: 11 Dec 2009
Kind: Workshop
Cost: £78 per person. Subsidised rates are also available

Learn how to confidently write press releases that will be taken seriously by news reporters. This Norwich based workshop is run by current and experienced reporters who, on a daily basis, decide whether to follow up or bin dozens of press releases.

If you’ve got positive, genuine news that you want newspaper, radio and television reporters to know about this course, on Friday 11 December, is for you.

Equipment: No equipment is necessary, pens and paper are supplied. However, if you have a laptop and prefer typing directly into it, please bring it along. It’s important that you come armed with a couple of strong story ideas that can be used as a basis for your draft press release/s. It’s also helpful if you can bring anything that illustrates what your business does, for example: product samples, leaflets, photos and/or newspaper clippings. A lunch voucher is provided and refreshments are available throughout the day.

Course Content:

  • What makes a news story.
  • How today’s reporters gather news.
  • The importance of understanding how press, radio and TV newsrooms work (including internet output) and their deadlines.
  • Press Release top tips, do’s and don’ts, page layout.
  • Creative quotes and clever photo ideas.
  • Follow up – how to increase the chances of your press releases being used.
  • What you can do to avoid being misquoted.
  • How to establish a positive ongoing rapport with reporters.
  • Handling a crisis and when to issue statements.
  • Drafting your own press release/s.
  • Preparing for press and radio interviews (optional).
  • Conveying key messages when being interviewed.

To book contact:

Louise Carroll at Broadland Council Training Services on 0800 3891113 or Mediapro Media Training on 01603 879969. Be quick as this workshop is always very popular.