How To Ace Your Presentation

The popularity of our Presentation Skills courses is really taking off. For many, the idea of presenting to camera or to a live audience is pretty nerve wracking. Both require different skill sets but here a few general top tips to help give you the edge:

1. Practice being ‘bigger’ than you normally would be (both the camera and being on stage can slightly ‘crush’ your presence). Note the emphasis on practice.

2. Stop leaning on PowerPoint (it can be a big yawn). If you use it, make sure it enhances your presentation, highlighting key points or to show interesting and relevant pictures and clips.

3. Use killer facts and anecdotes to capture your audience’s attention. Speak from the heart.

4. Make eye contact and encourage interactivity.

5. Be yourself.

Good luck! Feel free to call us if you have questions about a presentation you’re about to do. We’re happy to help.

So where are the best places to live? Most of us are biased of course. Our head office is in the East of England and, while we travel a lot for our media training courses, we very much enjoy being based here. Why? Watch reporter Maria Veronese’s Special Report: