Growing client demand

It’s a busy time for the Mediapro team, processing tenders and fielding training enquiries for the New Year. In addition to our bespoke media training courses we’re increasingly being asked to design Webinar Presentation Skills Courses.

In simple terms, a webinar is a lecture, seminar, or tutorial that presents information to you via your computer and is offered in either real-time (live) or recorded (on-demand) format.
The webinar usually combines a visual component, for example a power point presentation, along with an aural presentation. To access a webinar, you need to have an on-line link that you access from your computer, and for the aural part of the presentation, a telephone number and pass code.Webinars usually have limited opportunity for interaction with the presenters, and opportunities to ask questions are provided at the end of the session, through a written chat-room format.

If you and your colleagues would like to build your confidence, as well as learn how to give exciting and inspiring webinar presentations, we can help! Give us a call on 01603 879969.