Cranfield University Broadcast Skills training highlights

“Thank you all so much for the Broadcast Skills training. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Lots of the guys said it’s the best course they’ve ever attended and we’ve already had requests for another session.”
Hannah Park
Social Media Manager

“Amazing trainers. Great real-life experience and knowledge. It has given me the confidence to shoot myself.”
Hannah Gray
Marketing Assistant

“I haven’t worked with video before so it was really useful to learn basic techniques and tricks for good filming. Loved learning the technical tips also. All of the training was really enjoyable. Thank you for building my confidence!”
Laura Woodall
Internal Communications Manager

“The advice on the different shot types and how to be creative with mundane subjects was really useful. It has given me more confidence with a camera and how to film.”
Anneka Nicholls
Marketing Assistant (MBA)

“Friendly and easy to work with presenters. Helpful examples from their working in the media. It’s definitely provided me with more knowledge to produce films and direct academics for others.”
Denise Bigwood
Media Relations Manager

“I’ve learnt loads of great tips and tricks, thanks! 🙂 Good mix of technical and ’story’ stuff. Lots of great ideas for interesting shots and angles etc. I definitely have more confidence. I’m now not so scared of new cameras or even being in front of a camera!”
Charlotte Kendrick
Alumni Relations Executive