Breaking new ground

This month we’ve taken on an exciting new project. We’ve been training up to 40 innovative business leaders from throughout the East of England.

The Women Ambassadors have benefitted from Mediapro’s intensive press, radio and television media training at EEDA’s Histon offices in Cambridge, the University of Bedfordshire and the Norfolk Network’s head office in Norwich.

Earlier this year, Margaret Hodge MP, Minister for Industry and the Regions, announced that she wanted to recruit a 1,000 strong network of inspirational women to help and inspire more women to set up their own businesses.

Each Regional Development Agency has been tasked with the recruitment of 100 Ambassadors in their region to reach the target of 1,000 network members.

Ambassadors promote enterprise, write articles in local newspapers about their experiences, talk to young people in schools, set up peer support networks, mentor others in business and provide training programmes for current or potential female entrepreneurs.

They can be male or female. Men are often sited as the ‘role model’ who helped a woman to go into business. They may own their own business, run a successful organisation, be community development workers, or advise women on starting or growing a business. Ultimately, they are passionate about helping women achieve their potential through self employment.

Mediapro’s Training Services Manager Maria Veronese says “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the Women Ambassadors. And the courses have certainly been well recieved”. Here are just some of the comments we’ve had:


“A fabulous day… thank you both VERY much. It was wonderful to be included and I loved being trained by a couple of pro’s who have had… and still have… plenty of experience at the coal face. People like you make training a terrific experience for the delegate – you manage to put the ‘victims’ at their ease, whilst still managing to create the right amount of pressure to make it absolutely real for us. We loved you immediately – and that’s no mean achievement when you’re faced with a bunch of experienced business people.”
Lucy Morrice

Business Owner
Professional European Presentations

“Many of us fear the thought of finding ourselves with a camera or microphone thrust at us terrifying. This course helps us prepare for such occasions.”
Kate Wilde

Engage with Business Limited

“An excellent course.”
Anne Miller

The Creativity Partnership

“Although the interviews were scary, they were absolutely essential and to receive feedback was worthwhile and valuable. All good stuff, thankyou.”
Lina Hogg

Managing Director
Picasso HR Limited & President of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce

“Reality provides great learning material – better than theatrical training. Obvious experience from the presenters.”
Margaret Burnside

Centre for Personal Development Limited

“This was a great learning experience. I met some great people and had fun.”
Anne Rivett MBE

Managing Director

“The session content and exercises were excellent.”
Lucy Middleton

Marketing Director
Eco Boom

“I feel today will help me with promoting Living Clean nationwide with complete confidence.”
Julie Bishop

Living Clean


“Thanks! Great day. Really enjoyed and benefited from it. Bring ‘em on!”
Catherine Turner

eBusiness Forum Limited

“It’s surprising to realise that the competencies you need to deal with the media, either for positive exposure or to avert a potential PR disaster are actually learned behaviours. I guess like many things knowing the thinking behind someone asking tough questions makes dealing with the situation much easier. It was both very enjoyable and extremely beneficial.”
Sureya Landini

Managing Director
Blue Donkey Limited

“Excellent, very interactive course suitable for both the experienced and the ignorant! An exceptionally positive experience.”
Jan Cavelle

The Jan Cavelle Furniture Company Limited

“Everything was useful!”
Rosanne Kilbourn

Business Development Manager
Mid Anglian Enterprise Agency Limited

“I think this has been a very realistic and informative introduction to the way the media work. It was done in a supportive environment with good feedback.”
Hazel Walker

Hazel Walker Limited

“It was a great place to make mistakes. I won’t make them again. Thank you very much for all of your assistance.”
Susan Heaton Wright

Company Director
NSN Productions Limited

“It was useful being made to think on the spot and knowing how to get into the media in the first place.”
Agnès Aubert

Small Spark

“All of the sessions and various media interviews were very useful. A very stimulating day. Thanks.”
Hilary Clifford

Senior Regional Director
UFI Limited


“Fabulous day. Really informative and do well delivered, with lots of humour, warmth and professionalism.”
Mel Henson

Words That Sell

“I learned a lot particularly about taking control. Advice on how to control an interview and use it to best advantage – turning it round to your and your company’s advantage.”
Jo Ransom

Director of Diversity and Social Responsibility
Exemplas Holdings Limited

“It helped me to understand why people find it difficult to look intelligent when they are doing a down the line TV interview.”
Elinor Ashby

Aspirations Life Coaching

“It was all new to me. I felt I learnt a great deal throughout the day and enjoyed sharing experiences with the other attendees.”
Yolanda Rugg

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

“An inspiring course, well structured and presented. A great antidote for lack of self confidence with the media. Thank you!”
Jane Barnes

Yakkety-Yak Multimedia Company