Another successful study day

Feedback for this year’s Emergency Preparedness Study Day has been superb. This is the 18th year Normit has run the annual well attended event. This time it was held at Dunston Hall near Norwich. One of Mediapro’s trainers helped kick off proceedings, speaking about covering an international disaster, from a journalist’s point of view. As you can see below, it was well received:

• ‘Interesting presentation and useful insight into the media perspective of a large scale emergency’
• ‘Good speaker, held the audience well’
• ‘Interesting to see the results of this disaster’
• ‘A moving presentation’
• ‘Useful insight from the media point of view’
• ‘Excellent speaker’
• ‘Engaging speaker without self promotion – very professional’
• ‘Great to see a professional demonstrate her ability in a real event’
• ‘Personable and very informative excellently communicated’
• ‘Interesting from personal view point’
• ‘Interesting and informative’
• ‘Objective, informative and personal, thank you’
• ‘Good to bring back on the RADAR’
• ‘A good presentation with more information than I was aware. A real life personal view’
• ‘Extremely interesting’
• ‘Really interesting to see this from a different perspective’

Also this quarter, Mediapro’s trainers are looking forward to working with regular clients, Tribe PR and the chemicals giant, Bayer CropScience. For those wanting to secure a place on the next Get Media Savvy course, now is the time to call the Mediapro office on 01603 879969.